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Road construction isn’t fun for anyone, and it can be very stressful on a commute to or from work or on a day off. Road construction areas can also have a massive potential for car accidents due to construction. Follow along to learn how construction can affect traffic and increase accidents.


    How does road construction cause traffic?

    Road construction can create a multitude of situations that can cause traffic. Narrowed lanes can lead to reduced speeds and traffic congestion. Construction vehicles are often heavy and move slowly, leading to slower traffic or traffic that stops abruptly. Traffic in road construction areas can also cause an accident because of changed road conditions.

    What is the risk of road construction?

    Unfortunately, road construction is a hazard you cannot always avoid. The risk of road construction exists as long as it is going on and can present a possible threat to everyone driving within or around it. You may find yourself in any kind of accident caused by road construction:

    • Narrowed lanes can confuse and create an automotive collision.
    • Other drivers not paying attention can cause them to miss a change in traffic and collide with your vehicle.
    • Detours can lead to other drivers becoming confused or aggravated, resulting in dangerous driving conditions.
    • Roads under construction may be damaged and uneven, resulting in roads that are hard to navigate and could cause damage to your vehicle.
    • Obstacles and objects on roadways can make it difficult to navigate an area of construction.
    • Other drivers may be speeding over the posted limit, increasing the possibility of an accident.

    How to prevent construction accidents?

    Knowing that road construction areas are full of potential accidents and can be problematic makes driving a daunting prospect. How do you protect yourself and ensure that you and others avoid a construction accident? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when driving through or around road construction zones:

    • Be Vigilant: Keeping your eyes on the road will be the first significant defense against a potential road construction accident. Remember to pay attention to signage informing you of changing road or traffic conditions in a construction zone. Take note of the changes in traffic flow and any reduced speed limit signage.
    • Go Slow: Even if a construction zone does not have signage instructing drivers to slow down, reducing your speed is still a good idea. Most states will have laws requiring a specific rate in construction zones. Stay vigilant of changes in speed limits and proceed with caution.
    • Do Not Text or Talk on the Phone: With speed limits, many states will have varying laws on texting or calling while driving. As a rule, you should always avoid texting and talking on the phone, especially in construction zones.
    • Find an Alternative Route: In some cases, areas under road construction will have signage indicating optional routes. If you become aware of road construction and can safely find an alternate way around, it would be best to do so. It’s always better to add a few minutes to your commute than deal with an accident or injury.

    How Road Construction Leads to More Car Accidents

    Road construction can take on many forms and create many precarious and potentially dangerous situations on the road. Road construction disrupts the usual traffic flow, and sometimes the road surface must be broken up, dismantled, and discarded. This removal and replacement can lead to uneven roads. Overall, road construction can cause the following:

    • Hazardous conditions: Construction can create rough and broken roadways and leave large amounts of debris that can block or fall into the road.
    • Limited visibility: Changes in traffic patterns, a crowd of construction workers, and large construction equipment can limit the visibility drivers experience in construction zones.
    • Disrupted traffic patterns: Sudden changes in traffic patterns can cause congestion or backups. Additionally, especially in the case of reckless drivers, traffic may come to a sudden stop.
    • Changed speed limit: Most construction zones will have a reduced speed limit. Careless or aggravated drivers may not see the signage or may choose to ignore it.
    • Dangerous equipment and vehicles: Construction vehicles are large, heavy, and slow-moving. There are times when these dangerous vehicles must enter or exit a roadway, and it is essential to watch out for them.

    Can I sue if my car is damaged during construction?


    You can sue if your car is damaged at a construction site, whether the damage is caused by another driver, neglect from construction workers, or any other accident in a construction zone. However, it’s important to note that not every case is viable, and you will want to reach out to a professional road construction accident attorney. The best accident attorney will ensure that you find justice and take care of the problematic aspects so you can get back to what’s essential.

    Who are the best injury lawyers to take on your case? Schedule a free consultation and have the best injury lawyers review your case.

    Knowing the potential hazards in a road construction zone will be your best defense in avoiding a road construction accident. Remember to be extra vigilant, drive slowly, and take note of changes in traffic.


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