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Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays are full of excitement and tradition. Your family, your business, and even your city can plan fun and memorable vacation activities. Unfortunately, vacations can also bring an increase in accidents.

Those who have been injured while on vacation may have questions about liability and whether they will need the help of a personal injury attorney . Of course, you want to do everything you can to avoid an accident while on vacation, but it is important to be prepared in the event of an accident. Here’s how to prevent vacation injuries and accidents.

How do Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and other holiday accidents happen?

During the holidays, our activities change. It’s a common time to do things that we don’t do very often otherwise. From decorating to parties to travel, things happen during vacations that are outside of our usual routine.

Of course, changes in routine can also result in accidents. Maybe you are doing things that you have not practiced as much as what you do every day. Others may be doing things they are not used to. Here are some of the ways vacation accidents can happen:

Climbing stairs and chairs – It can be fun to design decorations and hang them up. Unfortunately, uneven surfaces, faulty stair designs, and even going too far to hang a decoration can cause injuries in a second. Falls are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries while on vacation. A fall from a ladder or ladders can cause lacerations, broken bones, and strains.

Winter Sports Injuries : Skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and other winter sports make the winter season a favorite for many people. But these activities can also cause injury. Winter sports can cause injuries just because of the risk inherent in all sports. Injuries can also occur due to crowds on the slopes, lack of equipment, or faulty equipment. Winter sports often take time to heal. They can interrupt your work and family plans as you slowly recover.

Drunk DrivingDrunk driving incidents can increase during the holidays. It is illegal to drive with an illegal body alcohol content, and it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drunk drivers face criminal and civil liability for their actions. If you are injured due to a drunk diver, you can file a civil lawsuit for financial loss, physical pain, and the emotional suffering that results from the crash.

Vacation Visitors – Visitors come to Las Vegas throughout the year. Many visitors come to the Las Vegas area to celebrate the holidays and have a great vacation at the same time. These visitors are wanted and welcomed in our community, but they can also be the cause of accidents. Lack of familiarity with the area and confusion about local laws can contribute to accidents.

Turkey Carving – Watch out when you’re carving that turkey! For many people, turkey carving is an activity that takes place once a year. If you are not careful, or even if you are careful, you could get a nasty injury.

What can I do to avoid a vacation accident?

The best plan is to avoid a vacation accident before it happens. Of course, you can’t avoid all accidents, but there are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of an accident:

Make sure your equipment is in good shape – Whether you’re cutting a turkey or climbing a ladder, make sure your equipment is in good condition. If something broke between this year and last year, take the time to fix or replace it before you go to work. A little prevention can go a long way when it comes to safe winter activities.

Follow the instructions : Are you climbing a ladder? Please read the instructions to configure it correctly. Are you carving a turkey for the first time? Find a video online to give you sizing advice. During the holidays, it is common to do things that you do not do very often. Making sure you know what to do can help keep you from getting hurt.

Beware of water and ice – Spills in the home, on sidewalks, or in a business can cause falls on holidays. Whether you’re riding a ladder, hanging decorations, or doing some Christmas shopping, taking care of your water and ice can help keep you safe during the holidays.

Turn it on : poor lighting can cause falls and other accidents. Make sure you use adequate lighting whenever possible. If you can’t turn on the lights, be sure to be extra careful when in a dimly lit area.

Is Someone Else Liable If I Have A Vacation Accident Away From My Home?

If you are injured in a vacation accident away from your home, there may be someone else or a company to blame. Other people and companies have a duty to take care for the good of others. For example, a business that sets up a holiday display should place it in a place where people cannot stumble upon it. If you are attending a festive concert, the concert promoters should make sure the venue is not too crowded.

Liability for an accident that occurs outside the home generally depends on negligence . Negligence is a failure to use reasonable care and caution. If you are injured in a vacation accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may owe compensation for your financial losses, property damage, and emotional suffering.

Is someone else liable if I have a vacation accident inside my home?

Even an accident inside your home can merit compensation from the responsible party. Manufacturers have an obligation to make products that are safe . They also have a responsibility to provide adequate instructions for the safe use of their products.

If you are injured in a home accident, a manufacturer may be liable for your damages. Are rules may apply comparative negligence , so if you do not use a product in the safest possible way, you can reduce or prevent damage recovers from his accident.

Staying safe on vacation

An accident while on vacation can ruin the fun. Taking steps to stay safe while on vacation can help ensure you have a memorable vacation for all the right reasons. If you are injured in a vacation accident, contact our experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys for a discussion of your claim.