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The Coronavirus pandemic is a serious global health threat. Americans are doing their part to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors.

Of course, in order to do your part for public safety, you need to know what to do.

Here are 10 tips to avoid personal injury during the Coronavirus pandemic.


    1. Stay at Home When Possible

    The more time you spend around others, the higher your risk for exposure. When you’re out in public, you can’t control what others around you do. Health professionals believe that the virus can live on surfaces for a significant period of time.

    Staying home whenever possible reduces your chances of exposure to COVID-19.

    2. Maintain Good Hygiene

    When you go out in public, you want to reduce your risk and the risk that you might pose to others. Good hygiene is a way to prevent virus transmission.

    Washing your hands and avoiding touching your face are two ways that you can practice good hygiene.

    Sanitizing surfaces like grocery carts can also be a part of proactive hygiene practices.

    3. Limit Your Shopping Trips

    If it’s possible, condense your shopping trips and have only one person shop for the entire family.

    Do your meal planning in a way that lets you minimize trips to the store. Figure out what items you can live without for now.

    4. Travel With Caution

    When you have to travel, think about the best way to minimize your exposure. Plan the shortest route and reduce your number of stops.

    If you must travel, distance yourself from others on public transportation, on an airplane, or using ride-share services like Uber and Lyft.


    5. Postpone Nonessential Travel Plans

    Find ways to reduce travel and postpone trips to a later date. Consider that there may be other ways to conduct business, like teleconferencing. You can speak to friends and family members on the phone or by video chat.

    Postponing nonessential travel plans helps you avoid personal injury during a period of uncertainty. Public transportation and even private transportation companies are going through a period of transition as they evaluate and update safety practices.

    Postponing nonessential travel plans to a future date can prevent personal injury for you and those around you.

    6. Be Vigilant While Shopping

    If you must venture out to a grocery store, there are steps you can take to stay vigilant.

    It can be hard to consciously think about keeping a safe distance from others, but it’s important. Exercise patience when you need to wait for someone else to clear an area before you approach it. Wipe down your cart before and after its use.

    Minimize your time in the store, and try to avoid handing your credit card or membership card to the store clerk.

    7. Stay Up-to-Date With Trusted Resources

    During the Coronavirus pandemic, things are changing quickly. What might be sound advice one day may be completely different the next day.

    Keeping up to date with the latest information can help you minimize your chance for personal injury. You can follow updated government guidelines through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

    8. Take Extra Precautions in Public

    Take extra safety measures if you have to be out in public. If you’re out for a walk, be sure to keep a reasonable distance from those around you.

    Exercise patience and let others walk ahead if you need to in order to keep your distance. Pay attention to things like doorknobs and railings, and avoid touching anything if you can.

    Always wash your hands thoroughly after going out in public.


    9. Beware of COVID-19 Scams

    Unfortunately, some people like to prey on fear and anxiety. Don’t fall for anyone who calls and asks you for bank account information or your personal information.

    Even if they promise a stimulus check or any other kind of benefit, it could be a coronavirus scam. The government never asks you for personal information over the phone. 

    10. Maintain Social Distancing

    Think twice before you socialize with others. It can seem so normal to chat with a neighbor at the mailbox.

    However, even these things should be avoided. An essential part of maintaining social distancing is being aware of it.

    When you recognize what social distancing is, you can make smart choices to limit your interactions with others and avoid potential personal injury.

    Self-Quarantine During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    The thought of self-quarantine, or self-isolation, can sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be worrisome or cause anxiety. Self-quarantine just means staying away from other people voluntarily. Self-quarantine is a choice that you make for your safety and the safety of others.

    Because of today’s coronavirus threat, everyone can benefit from self-quarantine. Assessing your risk can help you determine a duration for quarantine.

    Your age, health and the severity of the pandemic in your area can all play into how long you should self-quarantine. It’s important to err on the side of caution and extend your self-quarantine as needed.

    As you plan your self-quarantine, think of appointments that you need to cancel. Arrange for friends, family members or a grocery delivery service to leave necessities at your doorstep. Find ways to communicate with friends and family by phone and by video chat.

    Order necessities in advance so that you have enough time to get the essentials that you need if there are interruptions in supplies. Even in quarantine, take time for personal care, including exercise, healthy eating, sleep and routines. Above all, remember that self-quarantine is only temporary. 

    Covered Treatment and Post-Exposure Care

    If you’re exposed to Coronavirus, there are important things that you can do to protect yourself and others.

    First, isolation is more important than ever. Call your physician right away for further instructions. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and risk factors, they may refer you for testing, ask you to come to their offices or direct you to an emergency room.

    Treatments for Coronavirus are rapidly expanding and changing. Work with your medical professionals to create a personalized treatment plan based on the latest health information.

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