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The COVID-19 (also known as the “coronavirus”) is unlike any pandemic that we have seen in our lifetime. The consequences have been serious and unprecedented.

Society is changing so rapidly; like we have never seen or as most have never imagined before.

But of course, laws still apply in the United States.

There may be some unique and interesting lawsuits that result from the coronavirus pandemic and the circumstances that surround it.

Here are 12 lawsuits that might come from the coronavirus crisis from our Nevada personal injury attorneys.


    Personal Injury Lawsuits

    Businesses have a high obligation for the safety of their customers.

    For example, a cruise line knows that they need safe sanitation practices in order to keep customers healthy while they are in close proximity. A nursing home has a duty to take reasonable measures so that disease doesn’t spread.

    When personal injuries occur, including contracting a virus, a business may be legally responsible.

    Negligent Security Issues

    During the coronavirus crisis, businesses have been strained like never before.

    People are clamoring for toilet paper, face masks, dish soap, cleaning products, hand sanitizer and other necessities like never before.

    A business has a legal duty to keep their premises safe. That means controlling crowds. When the number of customers swells, a business must react safely and appropriately to keep the premises safe.

    Accidents from jostling crowds in supermarkets and stores may result in a coronavirus lawsuit.

    Products Liability Lawsuits

    Manufacturers have to make safe products. They also have to comply with standards, unless those standards are suspended.

    A product manufacturer has the legal duty to sell products that are safe and do not pose an unreasonable risk to users. They must also provide adequate instructions for using a product correctly.

    Dangerous products can be the basis for a product liability coronavirus lawsuit.

    Slip and Falls Lawsuits

    Just like a business has to provide security for large crowds, they also have to keep the floors and aisles clear.

    Larger crowds can mean more spills and debris.

    A business, like a grocery store, must have the staff and the resources to inspect and discover hazards before they cause harm, such as a slip ad fall injury.


    Collections for Unpaid Bills

    Millions of Americans are out of their jobs because of virus shutdowns.

    Although emergency laws have granted some grace periods, in the end, Americans still have bills to pay. Courts may urge the parties to work towards repayment plans and other negotiated measures when there are collections actions because of coronavirus.

    The pandemic may also increase the number of bankruptcies nationwide.

    Breach of Contract

    Before COVID-19 struck in March 2020, Americans had big plans.

    Spring break was approaching. Flights were booked, hotels were paid for and cruise confirmations sat in email inboxes never to be redeemed.

    Most of those vacations never happened… Now, consumers have to fight for refunds.

    In response, tourism industry providers are offering vouchers when they should be offering full refunds. Tourism companies are having to quickly revise their policies and respond to a large volume of refund requests.

    Disappointed tourists may have to take their claims to court to demand fair treatment because of canceled plans due to unforeseen circumstances.


    Class Actions

    Some COVID-19 legal issues will have involved a large number of people.

    For example, hotels or cruise lines that aren’t offering refunds are impacting a lot of people. When a case involves a large number of plaintiffs, it might be more practical to resolve the cases together.

    When similar cases are grouped, it’s called a class action lawsuit.

    The legal fallout of the coronavirus crisis could result in class action lawsuits.

    Unpaid Benefits

    United States lawmakers expanded unemployment benefits as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020. States are beefing up their public assistance programs, too.

    There are new standards to qualify for benefits like unemployment, food assistance and even student loan deferrals.

    In addition, the United States government decided to send stimulus checks to most Americans. If a person doesn’t receive the benefits that they think they deserve under the law, they might bring a legal action to challenge the decision.

    Court actions may be needed in order to give citizens the opportunity to receive the benefits that they deserve.

    Habeas Corpus Lawsuits

    A habeas corpus lawsuit is a petition to be set free. Because of the virus, there are court delays.

    Even though a person has the right to a speedy trial, court delays may prevent the case from being heard in a timely fashion.

    When a person is incarcerated against the law, they can bring a habeas corpus petition. That moves the case before a judge to determine if the person’s incarceration is lawful.

    Insurance Claims

    Businesses are struggling to stay afloat during lockdowns and quarantine orders.

    Many businesses have insurance for situations when they’re unable to operate. It’s called business interruption insurance.

    The insurance companies might try to deny these claims by saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is an act of God.

    When an insurance company doesn’t justly honor a claim, an insurance lawsuit might be the result.

    An insurance agreement is a contract. An insurance company that doesn’t fairly honor a claim faces a lawsuit for payment.

    Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Lawsuits

    All Americans have the right to work free from discrimination.

    If a person faces discrimination or harassment at their workplace because of their race or national origin, the employer has a legal obligation to respond appropriately.

    When an employer causes or allows discrimination or harassment because of coronavirus pandemic, employee sickness or other ways of looking the situation from an unfair standpoint, they may face harsh consequences — including compensation to the victim.

    Government Actions

    Civil and criminal actions may be initiated by government officials because of COVID-19.

    If a business stays open despite a shutdown, they might be the subject of an enforcement action.

    Price gouging is another type of enforcement action that government officials might bring.

    State and federal representatives might also take action to shut down false marketing claims and phishing scams by people trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis.

    Attorney for Coronavirus Lawsuits

    Do you need legal help relating to COVID-19 and its rippling effects? Do you have a question about how one of the types of lawsuits might apply to you? We’d like to talk to you.

    Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are coronavirus lawsuit advocates. Our team can help you evaluate your case and claim the compensation that you deserve.

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