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A trip to Las Vegas is often a dream vacation for the many tourists who come to the city each year. Travelers come from all over the world to see the famous Las Vegas Strip and enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer. Your memories are sure to last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, you could hurt yourself while on vacation in Las Vegas. If you are injured, your vacation can turn into a nightmare. You might wonder if you need to work with a personal injury attorney to protect yourself. Here’s what to do if you get injured on vacation in Las Vegas.

Seek medical treatment

Your first step after a vacation injury is to get the medical treatment you need. That’s critical to proving your injuries stemmed from the vacation accident. Getting the help you need to begin recovering from your injuries is also critical.

Be sure to keep all the records you receive from your healthcare providers as well as the contact information for the facility. When you leave Las Vegas, continue your medical treatment and follow any care plans you receive from your treatment providers.

Preserve evidence

When a personal injury accident occurs in Las Vegas, the evidence can quickly disappear. It is important to do what you can to preserve the evidence. Don’t worry if you are not trained in investigations; Taking photos with your cell phone camera will help you. When taking pictures, be sure to take pictures of the entire scene. Take large pictures of the things around the accident scene so your attorney and the jury can see the big picture.

The sooner you can take photos of the accident scene, the better. You don’t have to take the photos yourself. A friend or family member can take them for you. Error on the side of taking too many photos. You never know what might be helpful as you build your case.

Find witnesses and gather contact information

Just as you need to preserve the accident scene with photographs, you also need to find witnesses. Witnesses to your accident may also be on vacation. They could leave soon. The best way to present your claim for recovery is to find as many witnesses as you can while you are still in town.

You can approach witnesses and ask for their names and contact information. You can also give them your contact information. If they are friendly, you can ask them what they observed. It is enough to speak briefly with the witnesses. You can follow up later to collect more detailed statements or ask them to sit down for a statement on what they observed.

If you cannot find all the witnesses, there are things you can do later to find witnesses. For example, if you are injured in a hotel, you can ask the hotel for a list of guests and employees at the time you were injured. Find as many witnesses as you can before you leave town, and then you can work to find more witnesses to the accident.

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Complete an incident report

There may be an internal system for reporting an accident at the place where you were injured. For example, if you are injured at a casino, there is likely a system in place for filing an incident report with casino officials.

It is important to complete the incident report. Do not give too much information, but briefly explain how the accident happened. Filing the incident report prevents the casino from making the argument that your accident occurred at a different time and place.

Ask anyone involved to preserve evidence

An incident report alone may not be enough for the hotel, casino, or other business involved to retain evidence of your case. There may be critical surveillance video or other evidence available on your claim that you want the company to keep.

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You should write a letter to the company called an evidence stripping letter . The letter gives you time to prepare and file your formal claim without having to worry that the company may use that time to destroy evidence that is favorable to your case.

Don’t take their word for it

Company representatives can try to be friendly and accommodating. You may be told that they will handle you and that you do not need to file a formal claim. On the other hand, they might tell you that you have no claim.

It is important to be skeptical about what you hear from business managers after your accident. Your motivations are to minimize the harm to your employer. You should take steps to preserve the evidence in your case, regardless of what you hear from managers and other business representatives.

Work with a local attorney

You might wonder if there is an attorney in your country who can help you file your recovery claim. In almost all cases, you need to work with a local Las Vegas attorney. You will most likely have to file your claim for recovery in Nevada. That means working with an attorney who is licensed in the state of Nevada.

In addition to needing a Nevada attorney to help you file your claim, a local attorney will likely also have experience filing cases against hotels, casinos, and other businesses that may be responsible for your injuries. Their experience can give you the edge as you fight for a fair recovery.

How a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been injured while on vacation in Las Vegas, an experienced Las Vegas injury attorney can help you develop and file your personal injury claim .

They will help you learn about the options available to you after your accident and can help ensure that evidence is preserved in your case. Your attorney will work closely with you to fight for the compensation you need.