Patricia Hovey Levin

Patricia Hovey Levin


I had an accident that was a total loss of the car.

Three ribs broke, it was very bad, and they recommended me to Mr. Adam Kutner and I went to see him.

With an excellent service, all the people in your office very friendly.

It was recommended to me by a very dear friend, who is the director of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, and so I went to see him.

And she recommended her assistant, Patricia Gutiérrez, who was also extremely kind.

They took great care of me. Later they sent me to the chiropractor. It was a very good experience.

I was very happy. They were very friendly and very accessible to everything.

They did help me seek medical attention. They immediately sent me to a chiropractor.

I had to get a car quickly too. They were very professional.

Everyone was always very friendly. Everyone was trying to help. Very professional.

Of course I would recommend it, and I would recommend it for the same, that they are professional and very friendly people.

I had to see how they cared for Hispanic people. I was delighted that they were treated so well.